Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.x for Exchange: Maintain and Troubleshoot (EVTS)

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Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.x for Exchange: Maintain and Troubleshoot (EVTS)


Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.x for Exchange: Maintain and Troubleshoot (EVTS)

The Enterprise Vault 8.0 for Exchange: Maintain & Troubleshoot course is designed for the IT or Support professional tasked with maintaining and troubleshooting Enterprise Vault 8.0. It is particularly appropriate for those candidates who have previously attended the pre- requisite courses.


Students learn about the products functionality and Enterprise Vaults operations and features. Additional topics include using reports, basic management, backing up and restoring the components of Enterprise Vault, and an introduction to troubleshooting. After you complete this course, you will know how to configure, manage, monitor, and maintain Enterprise Vault.


This course is for system administrators, system engineers, technical support personnel, and system integration/development staff who are responsible for installing, operating, or integrating Enterprise Vault within their Exchange environment.


You must have a working knowledge of Windows with some system administration experience. Basic familiarity with Exchange/Outlook is sufficient, while an understanding of SQL Server, Exchange, and Active Directory as a power user or administrator is useful


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Course Content

Architecture and Upgrading
•Enterprise Vault Architecture and Performance
•Upgrading to Enterprise Vault 8.0
•Pre-installation and Upgrade Considerations
•The Upgrade Process
•Running the Configuration Wizard
•Troubleshooting Installation/Upgrade Issues
•Hands-On Labs: Run Enterprise Vault, prepare a provisioning group for archiving, perform archiving manually, upgrade Enterprise Vault 2007 to Enterprise Vault 8.0, confirm validity of upgrade

Troubleshooting MAPI
•How to Troubleshoot Enterprise Vault
•The Enterprise Vault Directory
•Introduction to MAPI and Troubleshooting
•Hands-On Labs: Investigating the contents of the SQL database, troubleshooting common problems with MAPI

Troubleshooting the Getting Started Wizard
•Getting Started Wizard Configuration Capabilities
•GSW Modes
•GSW Pre-requisites
•What can be configured using GSW?
•Troubleshooting GSW
•Hands-On Labs: Using the GSW to configure Enterprise Vault, troubleshooting the GSW

Microsoft Message Queues
•Microsoft Message Queuing
•Viewing Microsoft Message Queues
•Hands-On Labs: Setting up journaling of MSMQ, setting up the Performance Monitor, Opening Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Monitoring Message Queues while Archiving and Restoring Messages, Restoring Messages

Mailbox Synchronization and Archiving
•Architecture of Mailbox Archiving
•Mailbox Synchronization
•Moving Mailboxes
•Updating Moved Items in Mailbox
•Age and Quota Archiving Strategy
•Troubleshooting Mailbox Archiving
•Hands-On Labs: Moving and copying items between different mailbox folders, determining how, when and why updates occur or do not occur, designing and testing age and quota-based archiving strategies, troubleshooting common problems with Mailbox Archiving

Exchange Journal Archiving
•Architecture of Journal Archiving
•Common Problems with Exchange Journal Archiving
•Hands-On Labs: Configuring Exchange journal archiving, Creating a journal vault store, Configuring a journal archive, Configuring a journaling task, Setting up a journaling mailbox target, Testing Exchange journal archiving by tracking MSMQs, Troubleshooting common problems with journal archiving

OWA MSI and Client Troubleshooting
•User Extensions
•Troubleshooting User Extensions
•Troubleshooting OWA Extensions
•OWA MSI Control File Updater
•Troubleshooting OWA MSI Control File Updater
•Hands-On Labs: Using full client logging, Running troubleshooting scripts, Investigating hidden messages

Troubleshooting Storage
•The Storage Service
•The Vault Store Database
•Troubleshooting NTFS Partitions
•New Storage Tools – EVSVR
•Retired Support Utilities
•Hands-On Labs: Moving a vault store partition, Tracking an email sent to three users, Using the soft delete option, Launch and run EVSVR, Create Task Control Files, Generate EV Storage Reports using EVSVR, Perform verification of EV Storage using EVSVR

Troubleshooting OSIS
•Implementing OSIS
•What is a SIS Boundary?
•Using the New Vault Store Group Wizard
•Using the Configure Sharing Wizard
•Testing Connectivity
•New Vault Store Wizard Enhancements
•Vault Store Properties
•Partition Settings and Device Capabilities
•Storage Device Capabilities
•Upgrade Considerations
•The Fingerprint Engine
•Troubleshooting OSIS
•Hands-On Labs: Navigating the new storage structure, Troubleshooting OSIS Issues

Troubleshooting Vault Store Partition Rollover
•Overview of Vault Store Partition Rollover
•Basic Architecture
•Configuring Automatic Partition Rollover
•Forcing Partition Rollover
•Troubleshooting Vault Store Partition Rollover
•Hands-On Labs: Configuring automatic Partition Rollover, Forcing partition Rollover with cmdlets, Troubleshooting Partition Rollover

Troubleshooting Vault Cache
•Overview of Vault Cache
•Vault Cache Architecture
•Vault Cache Workflow
•Troubleshooting Vault Cache Issues
•Hands-On Labs: Establishing pre-requisite settings, Configuring Vault Cache policies, Enabling and synchronizing Vault Cache, Checking Client Logs and Diagnostics and Testing Vault Cache, Testing Offline Archive Explorer Synchronization

Troubleshooting Indexing and Searching
•Indexing Overview
•Troubleshooting Indexing and Searching
•Hands-On Labs: Tracking the Indexing process using the SQL database tables, Using indexing tools to troubleshoot problems, Moving an index from one location to another

Enterprise Vault Policy Manager
•Defining Enterprise Vault Policy Manager
•Setting up Initialization Files
•Using EVPM to Customize Public Folder Archiving
•Hands-On Labs: Working with EVPM files, Creating an EVPM script to Archive a Mailbox, Creating a Filter and a Personal Folder, Creating a Shared Archive and Configuring Permissions

Automatic Classification Engine
•Overview of Intelligent Archiving
•Overview of Main System Components
•Hands-On Labs:

Troubleshooting Desktop Policy
•Overview of Desktop Policy
•Desktop Policy Enhancements
•Upgrade Considerations
•Troubleshooting Tools
•Hands-On Labs: Creating New Exchange Desktop Policies, Assigning the Policies, Provisioning, Enabling Mailboxes, Verifying the configuration, Testing the configuration

Troubleshooting Enterprise Vault Backup Modes
•Overview of Backup Mode
•Basic Architecture of
•Basic Architecture: Storage Backup
•Basic Architecture: Index Location Backup
•Basic Troubleshooting
•Advanced Troubleshooting
•Hands-On Labs: Set Backup Mode within the Management Shell, Troubleshoot Issues with Backup Mode

File System Archiving
•Overview of File System Archiving
•Troubleshooting File System Archiving
•FSA Checkpointed Scan
•Archive Now Shortcut Later (ANSL) Feature
•Hands-On Labs: Setting up FSA, Using the FSA Utility, Performing Checkpointed Scans, Troubleshooting Checkpointed Scans, Using and Troubleshooting ANSL




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