CommVault System Engineering & Support

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CommVault System Engineering & Support


CommVault System Engineering & Support

This 2-Day Instructor-Led course is intended for key personnel responsible for the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of CommVault software.The course starts by enabling the student to understand architectural considerations, resource planning requirements, and installation options for deploying CommVault Software.Students are then given in-depth understanding of the internal process steps for essential job operations.Students will also learn performance enhancement techniques, troubleshooting tools and methodology that can help identify causes and solutions to the more common problems encountered by customers.




Attendees must have attended the CommVault Administration course.


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CommVault System Engineering & Support

Module 1: Planning and Design
Identifying Data Management Requirements
Identifying Data Storage and Movement Resources
Architecting a Solution

Module2: Installation
Understanding Installation Options and Requirements
Sizing, Locating and Installing Components
Installation Best Practices
Common Installation Problems and Solutions

Module 3: Tools
Using Host Tools
Using Product Tools
Using Network Tools

Module 4: Performance
Identifying Performance factors
Maximizing Resource Utilization
Best Practices for Efficient and High Speed Data Movement

Module 5: Troubleshooting
Common Problems and Solutions
Using the GUI to Identify Problems
Understanding Error Codes, Logs, and Debug Settings
Working with Product Support





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