CommVault Disaster Recovery

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CommVault Disaster Recovery


CommVault Disaster Recovery

This 2-day course is intended for experienced CommVault administrators responsible for planning and implementing disaster recovery in their organizations using the CommVault Simpana software suite.The course will cover general disaster recovery concepts, planning, and implementation considerations. Students will learn to identify risk factors affecting all CommCell components and suggested response levels appropriate for various levels of disaster. Students will also learn how to integrate knowledge acquired from other Training Classes and Resources to effectively recover all necessary CommCell components in the event of common data center disruptions.



IT and Disaster Recovery Managers responsible for planning, configuring, testing, and executing disaster recovery using CommVault Simpana software.


Prior to attending this course, students should complete the CommVault System Administration Course. Students should also show familiarity with network troubleshooting procedure and most Windows 2000/2003 services such as DNS.


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CommVault Disaster Recovery

Module 1: Intro
General Overview
Training Environment
DR Terminology Used

Module 2: DR Planning
Understanding Levels of Disaster
Understanding Impact of Disaster
Sample Planning Scenario

Module 3: Risk Reduction
Data Storage Options
Data Recovery Options
CommCell Options

Module 4: CommCell Recovery
Recovering a CommServe
Recovering a MediaAgent
Recovering a Library

Module 5: Client Data Recovery
File System Recovery
System State Recovery
Application recovery

Module 6: Practicing Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery Exercises
Testing Disaster Recovery




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