40442: Workshop: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (MOC40442)

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40442: Workshop: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (MOC40442)


40442: Workshop: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (MOC40442)

The workshop Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions is a chance for developers and IT Pro's to come together and learn the architecture skills necessary to design Solutions for Microsoft Azure. The classroom experience for this workshop is high level review of the pre-requisite materials participants are expected to have completed in advance. Then participants will assemble into groups to work on several real-world design case studies to design solutions for the Microsoft Azure platform.


After following this workshop the participant should be able to design principles and techniques for:

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Development
  • Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Networking
  • App Services Web Apps
  • Advanced Applications
  • Applications Storage & Data Access
  • Securing Resources
  • Management, Monitoring Strategy
  • Business Continuity Strategy
  • Doelgroep

    Participants of this workshop should be intermediate to advanced users of the Microsoft Azure platform. They should be either developers or IT Pro's and have broad experience with all of the platform. This workshop is targeted at participants who aspire to become solution architects.


    To take part of this workshop we expected of the participants that they are able to define and implement the appropriate infrastructure and platform solutions to meet the required functional, operational and deployment requirements through the solution lifecycle.


    Classroom and Tailor iT made training


    During this course the following topics will be covered

    • Module 1: Design Principles for Cloud Infrastructure and Development
    • Module 2: Designing App Service Web Apps
    • Module 3: Designing Application Storage & Data Access
    • Module 4: Securing Resources
    • Module 5: Deising Microsoft Azure Infrastructure & Networking
    • Module 6: Designing an Advanced Application
    • Module 7: Designing a Management and Monitoring Strategy
    • Module 8: Designing a Business Continuity Strategy



    This course is without the 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions exam.

    3 days

    € 1.495


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