1Z0-870: MySQL 5 Certified Associate Exam

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1Z0-870: MySQL 5 Certified Associate Exam

1Z0-870: MySQL 5 Certified Associate Exam

Dit examen is onderdeel van de Oracle Certified Associate certificering.



Section 1: Theory, Terminology and Concepts (10%) Client/Server Concepts
Database and Database Objects

Section 2: Data Definition using SQL (25%) Databases
Data Types
Constraints and Indexes

Section 3: Basic Data Manipulation using SQL (25%) Recurring SQL Constructs
Adding data
Modifying data
Removing data
Searching data

Section 4: Advanced Data Manipulation using SQL (20%) Expressions
Grouping and Aggregate Functions
Joining Tables

Section 5: Transactions (10%) Transaction Concepts
SQL for working with Transaction

Section 6: Import/Export (10%) Tools for Import/Export
SQL for Import/Export

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