10985: Introduction to SQL Databases (MOC10985)


10985: Introduction to SQL Databases (MOC10985)


10985: Introduction to SQL Databases (MOC10985)

This three-day course is aimed at people looking to move into a database professional role or whose job role is expanding to encompass database elements.


The course describes fundamental database concepts including, database languages, database designs and database types.


This course is for people who are moving into a database role or whose role had expanded to include database technologies.


To participate in this course you only need to know the general computer literacy.


Classical and Tailor iT made training


During this course the following topics will be covered:

Module 1: Introduction to databases

Module 2: Data Modelling

Module 3: Normalization

Module 4: Relationships

Module 5: Performance

Module 6: Database Objects



3 days

€ 1.395


21, 22 en 23 augustus 2017

6, 7 en 8 september 2017

23, 24 en 25 oktober 2017

22, 23 en 24 november 2017

27, 28 en 29 december 2017

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Breda, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Antwerpen, Zwolle

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